Repertory and Little Theatre

playhouseThese are two distinct sections which each stage two productions a year at the Playhouse in Church Street.

Productions range from popular drama such as Roger Hall plays, “'Allo ‘Allo”, "Are You Being Served" to plays written by local playwrights such as “Pearse”.

Recent notable local plays include "Cat, Rat and Granny Mac" written by local playwright Carol Angland, a play for children (and adults) with Caroline Bay as a backdrop. Of note also was the staging of a play “Watch Out For Children” which focused on the importance of children and our attitudes towards them as a society, a most topical theme.

A recent innovation was the premier of the play “Ted’s Bottle” produced by the Little Theatre Section. This was written by Bryan Aitkin of the Court Theatre, Christchurch. Because of the relevance to the Waimate District, the play was also staged in the Regent Theatre Waimate.

The Playhouse seats 98 patrons. Performances are usually in seasons of nine or ten nights.

Little Theatre Chairperson

Don McCully

Repertory Chairperson

Judith Lindqvist